Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

12 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge

(i) 28 August 2012 – 19 November 2012
(ii) 4 September 2012 – 26 November 2012

What’s Involved?

Before, transformational, and after photos
Body circumference measurements and weight tracking
Extra workouts for you to do at home
Fitness testing before, during, and after
Recipe hub with other members
Nutritional guidance
2 Fitness Keeper Group Boot Camp Sessions per week
(That’s a total of 24 sessions within the period)

All for only $399

Why Enter?
You will be in the running to win some great prizes.
You will be committed to 12 weeks of healthy eating and exercise.
You will notice differences in your body composition (less fat, more lean muscle).

What are the Prizes?
Winner: $150 Active Feet Voucher and 10% off one month of group boot camp
Runners up: $50 2XU Voucher and 5% off one month of group boot camp

To win you need to have attended at least 18 sessions (out of 24), and have good overall results. You do not have to be the fittest person to win!

Even if you don’t win, you will be healthier, happier, and fitter – just in time for summer!

Payments can be made upfront in a number of ways:
Fortnightly ($66.50), in 3 installments ($133), in 2 installments ($199.50) or in full ($399).

Entries close Monday 3 September, 2012


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