Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Core Training – What Is It?

Get the Abs you always wanted along with an abundance of additional benefits!!

You may have noticed that we have made a few additions to our class timetable recently one of which is a Core Class. The title may have left many of you wondering what exactly it entails??

Core Motivation

The core muscles are basically a sturdy central link connecting your upper and lower body. These along with the abdominal muscles are your body’s main source of stability. Core Class is a quick 30 minute workout focusing on exercises that work these muscles. Abs exercises have come along way from the days of the simple sit-ups and crunches, our classes use exercises that engage all of your abdominal muscles whilst also working shoulders, arms, back and legs. With such a wide range of core exercises available no two classes are ever the same.

Your next question might be why do we need to concentrate on this specific area of our body??

A strong core will improve your posture, making you appear slimmer, it’ll help support your spine to alleviate and prevent back problems, and it’ll make day-to-day tasks like bending, reaching and lifting easier. Possessing a sturdy core will also boost your endurance, allow you to breathe deeper throughout your workout, and sustain you in every exercise you perform by stabilising your body and improving your balance.

Fit Fact!!

Did you know 79.2% of Australians Suffer Low Back Pain at some point in their life! By building up and maintaining good core stability you can protect yourself from horrible back pain. The core muscles are holding the spine in its natural curved position (‘neutral spine’) rather than causing any movement themselves. Sound core stability enables the stabilisation of the spine during its various movements and functions.


Fitness Keeper Client Joel Byrnes explains how core training has transformed his sporting performance below.

“Two years ago I thought spending any of my precious time on core strengthening would be a waste. I could hardly fit in the swim, ride and run. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since focusing on my core some amazing things have happened. I’ve been injury free, meaning I can train consistently. My technique in all three sports has improved, making me more relaxed and faster. Perhaps best of all, in the last 10 minutes of a race I’m able to generate serious effort and power because my core has been doing a lot of the work.

I’ve gone from being a mid-pack athlete to playing at the pointy end of the field. How’s that for return on investment!!”