Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training


See some of the most frequently asked questions below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or if you’re unsure about anything.


We are still training clients virtually and outdoors. Our studio has now permanently closed.  Read more here.


Outdoor classes are now taking place as per our timetable.

We are COVID safe and have stringent policies in place.

We ask that for all sessions you BYO mat for hygiene purposes.



Until we have transitioned to our new booking software, please contact us via email enquiries@fitnesskeeper.com.au if you need to book or cancel.

Our classes run to a timetable, and include boot camp, group fitness, boxing blast, and high intensity training. Classes are designed for people with any level of fitness who are injury-free. We can modify exercises to make them harder or easier, so we’re still able to tailor some components of the workout to ensure you are challenged appropriately. To find out more about what the classes entail, click here.



To classes, we suggest you bring a drink bottle and sweat towel. You will need to bring a mat or beach towel for outdoor sessions, however these are provided for all indoor classes.


Other FAQs

For outdoor sessions, we train rain, hail or shine!

If it is raining heavily, we will try to keep you undercover – however some ovals do not have undercover facilities and in these instances we will just have to get wet.

If the weather is particularly dangerous (i.e. lightning storms, temperatures 36 degrees and above), you will be notified via text message 30-60 minutes prior to the session if the session can no longer go ahead. The class will also be cancelled from our schedule, so you may receive an email notification and will see the class cancelled on our timetable list.

During extreme heat (30-35 degrees) – we still  conduct sessions. We do however reduce the intensity of the session and allow for longer rest periods and more water breaks. We also try our best to keep you in a cooler/shaded area in these situations.


Until we have transitioned to our new booking software, please contact us via email enquiries@fitnesskeeper.com.au if you need to book or cancel.

If you are cancelling within 24 hours and you do not pre-pay for sessions, you will need to contact your trainer to cancel your session. Your trainers contact details are on our T&Cs.

We are currently transitioning to a new booking software. Please email us to book/cancel in the meantime.

With a range of different services, we have separate cancellation policies and fees. Please view our full T&Cs to understand what policies may apply to you.

Briefly, any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full fee for personal/private training. Exercise physiology cancellations within 24 hours incur a fee of 50% of the cost of the session (no rebates allowable). Cancellations for classes with less than 1 hours notice will be charged at the full price of the class (monthly membership/contract holders can cancel free).

Cancellations that occur with more than 24 hours notice for exercise physiology, personal or private training will not involve any charges. Classes cancelled with more than 1 hours notice will not involve any charge.

Please review the full T&Cs and cancellation policies attached.

Fitness Keeper – Terms and Conditions – Cancellation Policy 2017 (v10)

Fitness Keeper is currently in the process of changing to a new booking platform. Previous Mindbody accounts will no longer work. We will update you once we have transitioned to a new software.

To book/cancel and pay, please contact us enquiries@fitnesskeeper.com.au – currently we are accepting cash and bank transfer until we have transitioned to a new booking platform.


COVID-19 FAQs and advice

This applies to trainers and any “fitness keepers”. Anybody who feels unwell should not attend any sessions.

If you develop symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) you should contact your health clinic and ask for advice.

  • For classes, it is recommended that you bring your own mat, drink bottle, and hand/sweat towel.

Any equipment used within a session is thoroughly disinfected before and after each class.

  • Hand sanitizer available to clients
    • Wiping down frequently touched surfaces regularly
  • Wiping of equipment between sessions


We will provide hand sanitizer for outdoor sessions for use before and after each session.


Exercise Physiology
Not currently available to new clients

“Exercise physiologists (AEPs) are 4-year university qualified allied health professionals who specialise in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. AEPs provide physical activity and behaviour change support for clients with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depressions, cancer, arthritis, COPD and many more.” ESSA

No, you’re not required to have a referral for exercise physiology if you wish to book a private appointment. However, if you are eligible for Medicare funding, a specialist or GP referral may be required.

Your initial consultation involves discussing your story and your body. It gives us a chance to ask questions, cover important health and medical history, talk about any injuries, medications, and current and previous exercise experiences. We’ll also look over any medical reports or documentation you may have provided us with to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your situation. From here we’ll discuss what you may like to achieve out of your sessions. This all helps us to choose appropriate assessments which we will then conduct, so we can come up with safe exercise recommendations for you. Your initial consultation is expected to take approximately 1 hour.

  • For your first session, if we have already given you forms to complete, you will need to bring these in.
  • If you have been referred, you must bring your referral with you.
  • Any medical/specialist reports you have should be brought in with you to your initial session.
  • Any prescription medication you take (e.g. insulin, anginine, ventolin) should be brought in to all sessions.
  • A drink bottle and towel are recommended, however we can provide you with tap water.
  • If your session is funded by your Private Health Insurance or Medicare, please bring the relevant card and documentation.


Personal and Private Training
Not currently available to new clients

Personal training means there is 1 trainer and yourself (or one client). Private training is a private group of 2+ people. Private group training can be for you and your partner, family, friends, or colleagues. Private groups are perfect for those who can’t make it to our scheduled classes or want to experience the feel of personal training with a select group. It makes no difference what each person’s fitness level is like, we can still tailor the sessions to reach the needs of each participant. Training in groups can make exercise a whole lot of fun!

  • Go to the bookings tab on our website
  • Login or create an account with us
  • Click the “personal training” tab and follow the prompts to request a session.
  • Your booking request will send through to us and you will receive a follow-up confirmation if we can take the session.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0419 391 302 to arrange your first personal or private training session.

For private/personal training session, please bring a drink bottle and sweat towel. All other equipment is provided for you.


Virtual Training
Not currently scheduled

Currently no private sessions are scheduled via Zoom.

ZOOM HELP: https://zoom.us/resources

  • Saturday 8-8:45am with Steph, meeting ID: 731 917 282 or click here

You can contact your trainer if you’re having trouble:

ZOOM HELP: https://zoom.us/resources

  • You will need a link to your “meeting”. A meeting is a PT session, or class.
  • See above for meeting links.
  • Login to Zoom a few minutes prior to the session/class to ensure that your device is working
  • Double tap the trainer screen to enlarge your view of them (instead of your own video screen)

Preparing for virtual training via ZOOM – equipment info

We are also selling second-hand dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Contact us for more info or click here to buy.


Why should I train with Fitness Keeper?

At Fitness Keeper, all of our trainers have completed at least 3 years of study at university in exercise science or equivalent, or are in their final year of exercise science with their certificates III & IV in Fitness. Many personal trainers can be qualified in as little as 6-12 weeks, but we have a lot more knowledge and experience than those who only have completed a short certificate. We can assure you that our trainers are all degree qualified. This means we all have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, and we understand every body is different. We approach each individual uniquely, so we can train your body the way it needs to be trained, starting at a level appropriate for you, taking into account any previous injuries and your current fitness levels. We tailor your training sessions to move towards your goals, which may change as you reach them. We like to really get to know you, so we can delve into why you’re training with us and what you really want out of your sessions. The better we can understand you and you’re body, the better we can do together to improve your health, fitness, and function. Our dedicated team is continually learning and completing more study, and we enjoy passing all of our knowledge on to you. If you haven’t met our team yet, we’d love to meet you and help you with your fitness goals – simply get in touch.