Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Terms and Conditions for for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge

12 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Terms and Conditions


  1. Before photo must be taken between 24 August, 2012 and 7 September, 2012.
  2. Transformational photo must be taken between 5-12 October, 2012.
  3. After photo must be taken between 16-25 November, 2012
  4. All photos must be taken with a newspaper (with front page showing) to ensure date guidelines are met
  5. 2 photos must be taken each time – one front on, and one side on. Your whole body from head-to-toe must be included.
  6. Please wear minimal clothing – i.e. bikini/bathers/tight fitting shorts and t-shirt or singlet/tight fitting leggings & sports bra, etc. The looser the clothing, the harder to see your progress along the way.

Group Boot Camp Sessions

  1. You must attend at least 18 out of 24 sessions in order to stay in the running to win a prize.
  2. If you miss a session, you may attend others on the timetable to make up for your missed one. These sessions must be between 28 August – 18 November, 2012 (or 4 September – 26 November if starting during period ii.)

Fitness Testing

  1. You must have completed at least two fitness testing sessions.

Recipe Hub

  1. Each participant must contribute at least 2 recipes that they believe to be ‘healthy’ to share with other participants. Recipes can be emailed to steph@fitnesskeeper.com.au so that they can be shared with other members.


Nutritional Plan

  1. You will be given a nutritional guide to follow, not a day-to-day plan. This allows for some flexibility. It is recommended that you keep a food diary but this is not compulsory.

Extra Workouts

  1. Extra workouts are highly recommended. You really need to do at least 2 per week on top of your group boot camp sessions in order for you to achieve results.
  2. There is a video hub where you can watch exercise demonstrations to help you complete workouts.

Body Circumference Measurements and Weight

  1. You will be provided with guidelines on how to properly measure each body area in your start-up email. This email will be sent within 2-3 days prior to commencement of the challenge.
  2. Pre-measurements & weight must be taken between 24 August, 2012 and 7 September, 2012.
  3. Transformational measurements & weight must be taken between 5-12 October, 2012.
  4. After measurements & weight must be taken between 16-25 November, 2012.


Payment must be made upfront or in installments. Please check your actual invoice for exact amounts.

  • Full upfront: $399 (by 31/08/2012)
  • 2 installments ($199.50 by 31/08/12, $199.50 by 05/10/12)
  • 3 installments ($133.00 by 31/08/12, $133.00 by 28/09/12, $133.00 by 26/10/12)
  • Fortnightly (commencing 31/08/12 & then every 2 weeks)
  • Once first payment has been made, no refunds, transfers, can be made and all further payments/installments must be made regardless of intention to complete the challenge or not.


  1. All photos, measurements, and weight must be emailed to steph@fitnesskeeper.com.au within the allocated dates. All pre-, transformational, and after photo/measurement dates coincide.