Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Motivation to Exercise – Autumn Inspiration!

5:30am – it’s your alarm going off (or in my case 5:15, 5:20, 5:28 and 30 seconds). You’re snug in bed, surrounded by blankets and as you contemplate taking on the world for today (cue superhero music) you can’t help but think about the cold or wet (or cold and wet) conditions that face you and your morning work out.  Let’s face it – by the time the afternoon comes around your promises of doing something after work have lost out again to those cold and wet conditions and before you know it you’re sitting on the couch in front of the heater eating your peanut butter ice cream straight out of the tub because that’s a far better solution.  Motivation -1, ridiculously enticing ice cream + 10.

homer motivation

Winter is coming and sure enough the winter blues have already started to get us down, so instead of hitting the snooze button four more times, here are some handy hints to help you stay motivated this winter:

Exercise with a friend!
How can you escape the guilt of knowing that your friend not only got up just as early as you and will be facing the same impending “torture”?  Car pool to boot camp, bribe them with heated seating, whatever gets them out of bed.  You’ve now got a partner for group activities but you both reap the rewards and feel great about it after.

Get yourself some winter inspiration 
It might be a quote, it might be a goal, it might be a photo of you eating your ice cream on the couch surrounded by a big red cross (something has to keep you going right)?  Set yourself a basic goal that’s enjoyable and keeping you active, if you like it and it motivates you – chances are you’ll get out of bed for it in the morning. Or for the night owls, chances are you’ll skip that ice cream for a workout!

winterTry new things
If you are simply insane about running and can’t get enough of it but with the weather and daylight hours you don’t feel like doing it much…how about coming along to try a boxing session?  Fitness Keeper has plenty of different classes on offer and we know some of you haven’t tried all of them yet! Keep yourself open to new experiences and you might just find yourself a new winter hobby.

Written by Liana Oster