Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

New Classes

New Trial Classes
Fitness Keeper is excited to announce that we are adding additional classes to our timetable. These classes will be on trial until the end of the year, and depending on how they go we aim to continue with them through 2014. Both classes run for 30 minutes.

These classes will be added to the online system shortly and are due to commence from Monday 25 November.

High Intensity Training (HIT)
A short & sharp workout guaranteed to keep your heart rate up for the entire 30 minutes. Perfect for those who want to get in, work their butts off, and then get out of there sweating!

Core Conditioning/Abs Blast (CC)
Focusing on the mid-region, this 30 minute class involves training the core to activate and targets the abdominal area.


HIT & CC Class Timetable (commences 25/11/13)

Monday – HIT 5:45pm @ Kooyong
Tuesday – HIT 7:15am @ Kooyong
Wednesday – CC 9:30am @ Basil Res.
Friday – CC 9:30am @ Basil Res.