Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

My Challenges – S.K

To those taking part in the 6 Week Summer Fitness Challenge –

Congratulations on getting through week one!

As some of you know, I am also taking part in the challenge in order to “practice what I preach”, as well as to eliminate some things from my diet that aren’t all that necessary.

Whilst I do use many of the recipes within the recipe booklet and do plenty of exercise, I do share some weaknesses with you (such as my love for chocolate and coffee) and there is always room to improve!

Quite simply and so as not to bore you, my main goals for the challenge are to eliminate my daily (or twice daily) coffee and just enjoy one a week. It is a habit I’ve fallen in to, but I do love my coffee! Although the meals cooked at home are generally healthy, it is not often me that is doing the cooking. So in order to keep my boyfriend (Ben) happy and still eat healthily – I am going to be more prepared myself and do more of the cooking. The last is to add in two extra run sessions each week into my own exercise regime.

So far I have been faced with the challenge of seeing Ben eating sweets every night and resisting temptation – a good test of my mental strength which for now has been on my side šŸ™‚

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you and hearing your own stories.

– Steph