Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Feeling Inspired – M.M.

‘Feeling Inspired’

Hiya 6 week Challengers!
I hope you are all embracing the challenge and enjoying it so far! Embarking on new challenges can be daunting but with Fitness Keeper your not alone, at every class there will be a person beside you who is going through the same thing!
With so many of you committing to going that extra step to become healthier and fitter you have inspired me! I have decided to take on a challenge alongside you with the same goal in mind. As I already follow quite a strict diet I decided that changing up my personal exercise regime would be the biggest challenge for me both mentally and physically. Having become quite ‘set in my ways’ in terms of how I train I hope to use my time spent exercising more efficiently. Basically the main aim is to train for shorter periods of time but at a higher intensity.
Per week I aim to complete – 3 sessions of 30 minute high intensity interval runs & 10-15 mins functional training
                                         – 3 sessions of 30 minute low intensity cardio & 3 ‘heavy’ weight sessions
                                         – Core stability work everyday
                                         – An ‘active’ rest day i.e. pool/yoga
This is quite a step away from a girl who has told herself for a long time now that she must complete weights, core stability and cardio each day…every day. So you might ask what am I hoping to achieve from this? Like a lot of you I’m hoping to see results in terms of ‘measurements’ but most of all I’m hoping that my new training regime is effective and I become both fitter and stronger as a result!
So that’s my story for now…I’ll check in with you all again soon to let you know how my first full week has went. Did I survive venturing into the male dominated free weights area of the gym? How has my body reacted to the change in training?
One week nearly down….five to go…keep focused 🙂