Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Benefits of High Intensity Training (HIT)

Benefits of HIT (High Intensity Training)
By Paul Hanna

Hello Fitness Keeper community.

Firstly before I get into todays hot new topic I thought that I would express how proud I am of each and every one of my clients who attend my sessions. You all bring your “A” game every time. Keep up the great work and results will follow.

This week you will notice that a couple of new classes are starting which is great. Here at Fitness Keeper we are constantly keeping ahead and making sure that we follow that latest fitness industry knowledge that delivers our clients with the best results. One such way is a form of progressive resistance exercises called “HIT”. This stands for High Intensity Training and this is exactly what you will be getting. As stated on the Fitness Keeper website HIT is a “short and sharp workout guaranteed to keep your heart rate up for the entire 30 minutes”.

Believe me, this is an action packed workout which aims to burn as many calories as possible by keeping your heart rate up and working at a high intensity. HIT has been around for a while but nobody seems to be taking advantage of its many benefits. If you read (like I do) countless fitness magazines and articles about the best way to train you will find that HIT is at the top of the list. Yet not many people use it. It’s the most effective 30 minute workout you will find.

Benefits of HIT:

1) HIT is efficient – We all know that everyone leads a busy lifestyle. The great thing about HIT is that the workout takes 30 minutes. Yes you read it right, 30 minutes. This is all we need to give you a great workout that does not take up much of your time. Get in and get out. Sounds good to me.

2) Effective fat burning – For the entire 30 minutes your heart rate will be elevated. This means your body is working at such a high pace that you can be burning as much as 400 calories per session. Research has proven that when your body performs at a higher rate you can burn more fat then when working at a steady-state. The harder you work the more fat you burn.

3) Healthier heart and prevent disease – Research has shown that HIT works constantly in the anaerobic zone. This means that your heart muscle is getting a workout and becomes more efficient in oxygen delivery to every muscle in the body. Recent studies have also shown that HIT has helped in the prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

4) Preserves muscle – Research shows that training for 30 minutes at a high intensity preserves that hard-earned muscle that you have worked so hard to get. Also the more muscle you have the more fat that you burn.

5)  Increases metabolism – Recent research has shown that 30 minutes of HIT will increase your metabolism by 450% for the next 24 hours. That’s right, this is not a misprint. After HIT your metabolism is sky high which means you are still burning calories 24 hours after exercise.

There is a reason why Fitness Keeper has chosen to put HIT as part of its schedule. It delivers proven results. The best advice I can give is to give it a go and the sky is the limit in terms of results. Good Luck everyone!!!!!

HIT classes will be running Mondays at 5:45pm and Tuesday 7:15am. **

** Please note this is a trial timetable and is subject to change. Please refer to the online reservation system for the most up to date class times.

Article written by Paul Hanna.