Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Bring a friend week!

Want to share your love of boot camp with your friends??

Fitness Keeper invites you to bring your friends, family, or colleagues along during “bring a friend week”. Bring as many friends as you want, just make sure they register online or email enquiries@fitnesskeeper.com.au



Who can come: you can bring anyone who is 15 years of age or above, and is not/has not been a member of Fitness Keeper. You can bring as many friends as you want, but please make sure they register either online or via email.

Where: All boot camp locations, all sessions during 24-30 June. Please arrive 10 minutes early for classes. Friends must fill out waivers before the workouts.

What’s in it for me? A fun workout with your friend(s), a chance to show them how fit you are…PLUS two free sessions if your friend decides to join (within a week of their session) and purchases a boot camp package/pass.

What’s in it for my friend? A fun workout and a taste of boot camp PLUS 10% discount off boot camp packages/passes if they decide to join within 7 days of their session.

How much does it cost? Nothing – bring your friends along for free!

Bring a friend week: 24 – 30 June, 2013