Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Anderson Park – Running Club Adventures

It was 5 degrees when we woke up, and a high 6 by the time we started running club this morning. On the first day of the long weekend, it was great to see five keen runners raring to go!

hawthorn east After a nice warm-up loop using the mini paths and stairs we walked around to our “start line” for a lap of the entire park, a 1km loop. A quick recovery break & it was take two…

Next we spent 10 minutes going up and down Widford Street hill – 200m fast up the hill, and then slowly back down to the start as our recovery – each person covering 1.2km.

The legs were allowed some time to figure out where they were again – and it was off to the stairs for a small but tough run loop – this time each person covered about 1km.

To finish off, we had a bit of a walk and stretch in the sun and left all completing 5.5km of hilly terrain (including the warm up and cool down).

Well done everyone! See you next time (or tomorrow at boot camp if you’re lucky)!!