Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Stadium Stomp with Fitness Keeper!

Want to be part of Australia’s longest consecutive stair climb?

Fitness Keeper has registered a team to do Stadium Stomp on Sunday, 16th June 2013.

Stadium Stomp is a stair climbing challenge of epic proportions, climbing up and down the Bays on level 1 and 4 of the ‘G. It’s Australia’s longest consecutive stair climb and should be really fun.

To register as part of our team see below:

Date: Sunday 16 June, 2013
Team Name: Fitness Keeper
Team Password: fitnesskeeper
Course: Full course 3,500 stairs up & 3,500 stairs down (you can also pick the half course)
Wave time: 12:15pm

REGISTER HERE or to find out more go to www.stadiumstomp.com.au

Want to know more?

  • The total number of steps for the full course incorporates the ascent and decent – i.e. 3,500 up and 3,500 down….
  • There is a half course option to climb level 1 of the MCG only
  • The event is not timed so you can go at your own pace (though feel free to time yourself if you want!)
  • There will be designated rest areas around the course
  • Drink stations will be set up around the ground
  • Stadium “high energy” music will keep you motivated
  • The event is open to all fitness abilities
  • There is a “no running down the steps rule” so no – you don’t have to run the whole thing!
  • Think of it as a fun challenge!