Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

6 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge Winners August 2013

Congratulations to all those who took part in the 6 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge.
The winners, runners-up, and results are announced below.

It was a challenging six weeks for all involved. Some weeks were a bit rough and some weeks seemed to be more manageable.

The idea of the challenge was to change participants’ behaviours, thoughts and habits towards eating and exercise. This was done by making healthier food choices and limiting “treats”, being active in as many ways as possible, and creating a maintainable lifestyle change. Given we were looking at creating lifestyle change, it was expected that a gradual and consistent amount of weight be lost and changes made, rather than drastic changes that were not able to maintained once the challenge was over. This is precisely what occurred. You can view the statistics and winners results below.

Throughout the six weeks, participants received over 100 recipes, 25 home exercise programs complete with video demonstrations, nutritional education to make healthier choices, and various challenge tasks and extra motivational tools to keep them on track.

Results were very inspiring and so very close – it wasn’t an easy task to select the winner! There were various mathematical methods used to fairly select the winners and it was an exciting process.

How it was broken down:
Out of the eight who started, three did not submit all results as per the terms and conditions and were immediately withdrawn and excluded from being able to claim a prize.

This left us with five competing participants. They were scored from 1 to 5, 1 being the worst & 5 being the best based on each aspect of the challenge as stated below.

  1. Percentage of overall weight loss
  2. Improvements in body circumference measurements
  3. Improvements in fitness test results
  4. Consistency in training (based on number of classes attended)

Scores were then added up from each section to determine the winners.

All challengers/participants have been informed, but I am now excited to announce the results to the rest of the Fitness Keeper Community!


Winner: Catherine Ritchie
Prize: $200 Active Feet Voucher & Fitness Keeper T-Shirt

Runners-up/equal second: Jo Lawson & Caroline Wishnowsky
Prizes: $50 2XU Voucher & Fitness Keeper T-Shirt

Statistics from the challenge (excluding one participant who did not send in results):

  • Every participant achieved weight loss
  • Average weight loss = 3kg (e.g. average of 0.5kg per week)
  • Average percentage of weight loss = 4.1%
  • Average number of combined centimetres lost = 20cm
  • Each participant improved in their fitness tests (except for one who was absent for the last test)
  • Average improvement in fitness (as measured by fitness tests) was 12%

Winners Stats:

Catherine Ritchie (winner)

  • Weight loss of 4.8%
  • Total number of centimetres lost from body circumference measurements = 27.0cm
  • Lost 4.4cm around the navel & 6.3cm from the hips
  • 11.1% improvement in fitness
  • Attended 10 classes and did various extra sessions (including home programs)

Jo Lawson (runner-up)

  • Weight loss of 3.98%
  • Total number of centimetres lost from body circumference measurements = 24.5cm
  • Lost 3cm from the navel and 5cm from the hips
  • 12.9% improvement in fitness
  • Attended 12 classes

Caroline Wishnowsky (runner-up)

  • Weight loss of 2.5%
  • Total number of centimetres lost from body circumference measurements = 15.5cm
  • Lost 2.5cm from the waist and 3.5cm from the hips
  • 13.6% improvement in fitness
  • Attended 23 classes

Pretty impressive results I must say! All other participants performed extremely well and achieved similar results. I commend each of them for sticking to it all the way through the winter period.

Well done again, and to those who didn’t participate – maybe you are now interested in taking part in the next challenge?! You can see it’s worth it!

The next challenge will commence later this year. The date is yet to be confirmed but is expected to start in late-October. To register your interest please email enquiries@fitnesskeeper.com.au