Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

ViPR Training with Fitness Keeper

Equipment of the Month: The ViPR

Fitness Keeper will be introducing the ViPR into various classes this April! Find out more about what the ViPR is and what it’s benefits are in our article below.

What is ViPR training?

ViPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance and Re-Conditioning.

ViPR brings together movement and strength training. It combines full body movements with load, bringing you functional training involving various lifting movements, twisting, shifting, and stepping.

What are the benefits of ViPR training?

  • Combines strength training with cardio
  • Effective whole body workout
  • Includes movements through various planes
  • Builds strength and explosive power
  • Builds stamina/endurance
  • Increases aerobic fitness
  • Improves coordination and movement
  • Replicates everyday movement patterns and activities
  • Improves flexibility and join mobility
  • Huge variety of exercises and movement patterns
  • Fun and effective training tool to make exercise enjoyable
  • High calorie burner

What are ViPR’s used for?

  • Strength and power workouts
  • Rehabilitation
  • Agility, balance, and coordination
  • Aerobic fitness/cardiovascular fitness
  • Fun dynamic exercise
  • Functional workouts
  • ViPR combines the ideas of a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, and medicine ball all into one piece.

Can anyone use the ViPR?

Yes – the ViPR comes in different sizes/weights ranging from 4-20kg and is suitable for everyone. Exercises and movements can be adapted to suit the individual. The ViPR has different handles that can be used to change grips and hand placement to allow for a higher variety of exercises and movements. The ViPR can be used to lift, push, pull, shovel, slide, shift, rotate, and throw allowing for full body integration and plenty of fun!


Steph Kerr, Fitness Keeper