Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

IMPORTANT CHANGES UPDATED 22 MARCH (updated 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm)

Dear Fitness Keepers,
We have made the extremely difficult decision to temporarily close the Fitness Keeper Studio, as of Tuesday 24 March 2020.
We have made this decision based on three reasons. (1) As a business that is focused on keeping people healthy and helping them to exercise safely, we believe this step is necessary to protect us (the trainers), our clients, everyone’s families, and the wider community. (2) While the government hasn’t yet advised us to close, I expect it is imminent. (3) Similar to the first, we are in contact with many doctors and people who work in hospitals, and hear the message loud and clear; to stay home.  
WE WILL CONTINUE TO TRAIN CLIENTS. This will be outdoors at parks,  virtually via Zoom, or using Telehealth. See below for more information.

Information for virtual training using Zoom:

  • -Personal training sessions and classes that were taking place at the studio will move to Zoom
  • -For more information on Zoom and how virtual training works, click here.
  • -PT sessions that were at the studio will commence using Zoom from Tuesday 24 March.
  • -Classes that were at the studio will continue with Zoom from Monday 23 March.
  • -We will send you a link to connect with your trainer soon.
  • -Sessions conducted virtually will commence as body weight sessions, however you may like to include your own equipment or use items from around your house. Find out more here.
  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom

Information for training outdoors at parks (THIS WILL ALSO NOW MOVE TO VIRTUAL TRAINING FROM TUESDAY 24 MARCH)

  • -Sessions that already take place outdoors will continue at the same park on MONDAY 23.
  • -From Tue 24/3 we will move to virtual training via Zoom.
  • -No equipment will be used. Why? Due to shortages we have no hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities available, so we cannot safely share equipment outside.
  • -You must BYO mat, sweat towel, and drink bottle.
  • -Those who wish to move to training outdoors can contact their trainer or Steph to arrange.

Exercise physiology clients will be offered Telehealth. 

  • -We will update you with information ASAP if this applies to you.
For any Personal Training or Exercise Physiology clients training tomorrow (Monday 23/3)
  • -Your session is still taking place at the studio as usual.
  • -BYO sweat towel & drink bottle.
  • -We have a maximum limit of 5 people in the studio at any time.
  • -Social distancing measures are in place (2m apart, no contact).
  • -You must WASH HANDS on arrival and departure of studio. Trainers have additional handwashing measures in place.
  • -All equipment is disinfected after use and the studio is constantly being cleaned.


  • – As of Tues 24/3 we will be running your sessions using Zoom online.
Equipment for virtual training
  • Fitness Keeper will also be selling some basic equipment that you can purchase at a reduced rate if you would like to use equipment while training virtually via Zoom or if you use Telehealth. Please contact us if you’re interested. We hope to have an online store up and running shortly.
  • We assume many people will not have equipment and have put together an article for you to read that covers what you could use from around the house
With so many changes taking place, we know you will have many questions, and we will work as hard as possible to answer these in a timely manner and assist you the best we can.  From here forward please continue to check our website for more updates  and  continue to view our FAQs.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given us.  It is important now that we stay healthy and well. We hope we can continue to help you stay active in a different way moving forward, and down the track we look forward to reintroducing equipment and reopening the studio.

Kind Regards,
Steph Armstrong and The Fitness Keeper Team