Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Fitness Keeper Launches Running Club

Fitness Keeper Boot Camps & Personal Training has launched a running club for beginners to the advanced.

The runs are held every second Saturday and each run is always different. Starting in different locations and introducing runners to new routes helps to keep running interesting and some of the settings are truly inspiring!

We encourage clients to help motivate each other through group runs, and take you to various urban tracks and mountainous trail runs for cross training.

Perfect for those aiming to take part in a fun run or even those who participate in competitive running events. We select runs to suit all participants capabilities and can provide a greater (or lesser) challenge for those who need it! This way nobody is held back or left behind.

If you’re not sure where to go running, or enjoy some company while striding along but can’t find a running buddy – come and join us on our next run. Depending on the location, time, and number of participants – we sometimes provide a couple of after run refreshments.

All that we ask is that you confirm your attendance before the run so we know who will be coming. Friends, family, and non-members are also welcome. $5 per session.