Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

12 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all participants who took part in the 12 Week UFC. There have been some great transformations, amazing results, and many lifestyle changes in those who took part.

All participants signed up to take part in 2 boot camp sessions each week – a total of 24 sessions in 3 months.   They were also given additional home workouts with video demonstrations, and recipes to follow along with nutritional guidance and support.

I am very excited to announce the deserving winners below.

Winner: Marg Armstrong
Prize: $150 Active Feet gift voucher and 10% off one month of group boot camp training

Runner Up: Sam McCurdy
Prize: $50 2XU gift voucher and 5% off one month of group boot camp training

Congratulations to all other participants who also deserve recognition:
Ruth Bain, Em Ponsford, Kajal Wagner, Daniel Wagner, and also to Christine Theopholis who joined us halfway.

Summary of Results

Marg Armstrong – the quiet achiever
Fitness test 1 – 1 min 26 sec improvement improvement
Fitness test 2 – 27 sec improvement
Overall times – 1 min 53 sec sec improvement

Most notable changes
Lost 4.5kg
Lost 6cm from navel
Lost 6cm from waist
Lost 4.5cm from hip

“The Challenge has changed my well being. I feel good about myself. I have a spring in my step now. Also having a healthy diet has improved my health. I have divaticula and since I have been eating healthier I have had no problems.”

Sam McCurdy – the most determined who always puts in 110% 
Fitness test 1 – 19 sec improvement
Fitness test 2 – 9 sec improvement
Overall – 28 sec improvement

Most notable changes
Lost 3.5cm around waist circumference
Lost 5cm from navel
Lost 3cm around the arms
Lost 3cm from the thighs

“I have exercised for a few years now but did not realize what real fitness is! I got so much out of the challenge. Yes – some objective results that I can live with…but more than anything it was a real chance to test myself and challenge my thoughts. How many times can I get myself to training?  How hard can I run today? Can I keep up with Andrea or Mel? Can I do one more burpee! Do I really need those carbs, ice cream etc. I have not felt this good in a long time and am getting more satisfied with myself everyday. Late night snacking is a thing of the past. I know I am not going to starve even if i am a bit hungry … the next meal is only few hours away! Reduced Caffeine. I have dipped my toes in the water now and know i have it in me to do even better next time. i just have to want it enough. Worth every minute! Loved it. Still love it.”