Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Bring a Friend Promotion

Want to share your love for Fitness Keeper with a friend??

Bring a Friend Month

Bring a Friend: 9 April – 21 April, 2018

9 APRIL – 21 APRIL, 2018

Fitness Keeper invites you to bring a friend*, (friend, family member, or work colleague who has never trained with Fitness Keeper) along during our “bring a friend” promotion.  If you turn your friend into a new client** we will give you a free session! ***.

Why bring a friend?
Give your friend/partner/colleague/family member the chance to see what you get up to and enjoy a fun session or two together. They might love it as much as you and turn into a workout buddy! If your friend turns into a client, you get a free session!

How much does it cost for my friend to come?
Your friend can come along for no extra cost – it’s free for them to attend!

Can I bring more than one friend to personal training (1-on-1) sessions?
You may only bring one friend at a time to your sessions.

What if I train in a private group (2-on-1, 3-on-1, 4-on-1)?
Each person within that group is invited to bring one friend each.

What if I train in a class? 
We classify our classes as boot camp, boxing blast, group fitness, and high intensity training.
You may bring as many friends to our classes as you like. Friends must book in to reserve a place in each class. Classes are capped so book in early! See below.

Can my friend attend even if I’m not there?
If you attend personal training (1-on-1) sessions, or private group (2-on-1, 3-on-1, 4-on-1) sessions – you will need to be there in order for your friend to participate. Friends are unable to attend free personal training sessions outside of the times when you are training.

The exception here is for our classes (boot camp, boxing blast, group fitness and high intensity training). Friends may attend these classes even if you are not in attendance – however, once again we must ask that these friends reserve a place online.

Is there anything in it for me?
On top of your workout session together, yes there is! Your friend gets to attend for free, and you get a free session*** if your friend becomes a Fitness Keeper client**.

Is there anything that I need to do before I bring my friend?

  • Personal training and private group clients (1-on-1 to 4-on-1’s) 
    You or your friend need to contact your trainer by email or phone with at least 24 hours notice to sign up, please leave full names, mobile & email details.

  • Class clients (boot camp, boxing blast, group fitness & high intensity training )
    Your friend can create their own Fitness Keeper account online HEREThey can follow these instructions online:
    – Create an online account
    – Select the Online Store tab
    – Click the sub-tab “Session Passes”
    – From the drop drown menu select “Class Passes”
    – Select “Free Trial Pass” from the list
    – Follow the prompts to make a free “purchase”

Using the Fitness Keeper App
– Log in
– Select “Buy”
– Select “Class Passes”
– Select “Free Trial Pass”
– Follow the prompts to make a free “purchase”



*”Friends” must be new clients/referrals who have never trained at Fitness Keeper.

**Turning your friend into a Fitness Keeper client means that your friend will have to purchase a 10 session package (for personal training or private group training), or purchase any class package (excluding casual sessions).

***Free session for you will be one session of the same service that your friend purchases.