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PT sessions available (May 1- 11)

We’ve got a few gaps this week and next week – looking to get in for a PT session? We have the following time-slots available this week and next week. Today – Wed 2/5 at 5pm (45min) Today – Wed 2/5 at 6pm (45min) Thu 3/5 – 6:45am-9am (pick a time)! Fri 4/5 – 2:30pm…

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Time-slots available!

Get in quick!  We have a few “once-off” and ongoing session times available – touch base with us if you’re keen as we don’t expect these spots to stay available for long. These are all at the studio (395 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell) and can be for 1on1 or private (2on1) personal training. Wed 18/4 @…

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App problems

There are two different Apps (below) that you can use with Fitness Keeper, both available via the iTunes Stores & the Google Play Store. The Fitness Keeper App   The Mindbody App   We prefer you use the Fitness Keeper App, as it is tailored specifically for “Fitness Keepers”! However, you’re welcome to use whichever works…

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Bring a Friend Promotion

Want to share your love for Fitness Keeper with a friend?? Bring a Friend: 9 April – 21 April, 2018 BRING A FRIEND 9 APRIL – 21 APRIL, 2018 Fitness Keeper invites you to bring a friend*, (friend, family member, or work colleague who has never trained with Fitness Keeper) along during our “bring a friend” promotion.  If you turn your…

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Christmas Workouts

While we are closed for 2 weeks, that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise!  We have a couple of workouts for you that you can do anywhere with no equipment – so there are really no excuses now! If we normally give you some alternative exercises or modifications, just try and remember those to substitute…

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Christmas Dates 2017-18

Fitness Keeper will be closed from Saturday 23/12/17 through to Sunday 7/1/18. Our first day back will be Monday 8 January 2018. Wishing all Fitness Keeper’s a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Why is prolonged sitting so bad for us?

Physiological Effects of Prolonged Sitting by Andrew Bayliss-White Sitting is an almost unavoidable action, whether it be long car trips, watching TV, or desk work. Sitting entails spending prolonged periods of time in a hip flexed, kyphotic type position that our body is not designed to be in. Our body is highly adaptable and quickly takes these shapes…

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Spring into shape with these PT specials!

Spring specials for new clients* only. New clients* who commence personal/private training in September or October 2017 and purchase a 10 session pass receive TWO complimentary sessions of the same type. E.g. purchase a 1on1 -45min 10 session pack and get 2 additional sessions. Packages must be pre-purchased and sessions must commence in September or October 2017…

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