Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training


Suitable for all

Whether you are a novice or an athlete;  young or old. Regardless of where you start with us, Fitness Keeper can help you.

Fitness Keeper is here for you every step of the way. If you want to achieve your goals, Fitness Keeper wants to help you reach them. That means ongoing support out of your sessions as well as during them.

We have helped athletes with additional training sessions to keep them in top form and add another dimension to their training regimes. We have helped normal every-day people include exercise in their hectic schedules, and given children a reason to enjoy exercise.

You will have fun

Fitness Keeper sessions are not boring or repetitive. You won’t be grinding out the same exercises endlessly and wishing you were elsewhere.

Each session is fun and varied – and that’s what our clients love about us the most! Besides our fitness testing, no two sessions will ever be exactly the same. Fitness Keeper has the belief that if you enjoy what you are doing you will make fitness part of your lifestyle. We’re here for the clients that are looking to make improvements to their lifestyle, who need fitness advice and tailored programs to help them reach their health and exercise goals.