Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training


Fitness keeper has made an amazing change to my over health and wellbeing and attitude towards becoming fit. The trainers plan sessions so well that you forget you are working out. The classes are friendly, accommodating, enjoyable and creative. The trainers are very knowledgeable, encouraging, friendly and supportive. The mixture of all the different exercises and equipment can result in improving fitness no matter what level and you never know what to expect – except that no class will be the same and that you will feel terrific by the end of the session.

“Fitness Keeper is outstanding! As a boot camp devotee I have thrived on the challenges set by the trainers. Every session is different and I always leave satisfied that I have worked hard. I thoroughly recommend Fitness Keeper and the professional and enthusiastic approach always demonstrated by Steph, Paul and Maebh.”

“This is the only fitness regimen that I have been able to maintain over a long period. I put this down to the skills, knowledge and ability of the trainers in making all the sessions challenging but still enjoyable. Would recommend fitness keeper to anyone.”

“The sessions at Fitness Keeper are always different, which is great because you never get bored! In addition, the instructors are all very friendly, down to earth, and always willing to adapt sessions to your needs. The sessions are also very affordable compared to other options out there. I would recommend Fitness Keeper to anyone!”

“I love the variety and the extra stretch every time beyond what I thought I could do. Fun and very well organised, great equipment and hardworking team.”

“Fitness Keeper is the real deal. It’s hard work but Steph somehow finds a way to keep me smiling through every gruelling minute. The thing I find most enjoyable is Steph’s knowledge on general health well being and fitness. Much more then the general fitness instructor!”

“I was not a motivated or frequent exerciser, however since joining Fitness Keeper I have never felt better. Steph motivates and encourages me to keep going during the sessions and to also continue with training indefinitely!”

“Fitness Keeper – thank you! You have made such a difference to my life. Your passion, care, knowledge & commitment shows in the turn out rate at boot camps – torrential rain or heat but we still turn up cause we love it!”

“It’s hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym and prepare your session and motivate yourself throughout, with Fitness Keeper, you just have to get to the session and let them take care of the rest!”

“I enjoy Boot Camp, it has changed my life really, I never exercised on a regular basis like this before. It is friendly and enjoyable no matter what age you are. I am fitter than I have ever been.”

“Maebh is a great communicator and trainer, I’ve enjoyed the sessions that I have had with her. Very beneficial and worked me hard.”

“Steph is an amazing trainer. It is clear that fitness is a passion and that she enjoys training others.”

“A great variety of exercises to keep me motivated. Great fun.”

“Fantastic variety of sessions to suit my needs and fit into a busy lifestyle.”