Outdoor group training
Outdoor group training

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Training

Can’t find a gather a group together but still want to be part of one? No matter what your current fitness is like, we will help to bring you together.

If you’re ready to step away from the gym and make the move to outdoor fitness training where the results happen – then you’ve found the right place! Fitness Keeper’s boot camp sessions are innovative, always different, make use of unique equipment, and mixes up various training methods for best results.

Our boot camps are non-military and non-threatening. It is for anyone – from the beginner to even the fittest of individuals. You will be pushed to a level suitable for you and results will happen quickly!

Visit the group boot camp timetable & check out the locations. Prices can be found here.

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We alternate between two different fitness tests – please see below our scheduled testing sessions for 2014.

Fitness testing always takes place at the very end or very start of each month. The tests occur on the Monday (6am session and 6:45pm session) and Tuesday (6am and 7pm) sessions.

  1. 3/4 March – Test 1
  2. 31 March/1 April – Test 2
  3. 5/6 May – Test 1
  4. 2/3 June – Test 2
  5. 30 June/1 July – Test 1
  6. 4/5 August – Test 2
  7. 1/2 September – Test 1
  8. 29/30 September – Test 2
  9. 10/11 November – Test 1 (the week before is a long weekend)
  10. December – TBC