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6 Week Summer Fitness Challenge
21 October 2013 – 1 December 2013

What’s Involved?

Unlimited boot camp sessions over the six weeks
Two running club passes
Healthy recipe booklet (recipes are quick and easy to prepare)
Nutritional guidance over the six weeks
Fitness Keeper t-shirt or singlet
Fitness Keeper sweat towel
Fitness Keeper drink bottle
Before and after photos
Weight tracking & weekly weigh-ins
Body circumference measurements
24 Home workouts complete with video demonstrations – no equipment necessary
Mini weekly challenges
Fitness testing before & after the challenge
Ongoing support throughout the challenge

Why Enter?
You will be in the running to win some great prizes.
You will be committed to 6 weeks of healthy eating and exercise.
You will notice differences in your body composition (less fat, more lean muscle).

It’s an important time of the year to focus on fitness and healthy eating, as many of us tend to hibernate and reach for the comfort food. Research has found that when a group of people commit to a common goal together, it is much more likely that each individual will reach the goal. It’s easier to stay motivated, keep on track, and remain positive as a group than on your own.
While you focus on improving your health and fitness levels, you will be in the running for some great prizes which are up for grabs.

What are the Prizes?

Winner: $200 gift voucher (Choice of: Active Feet, Nike, 2XU)
Runner up/second: $50 gift voucher (Choice of: Active Feet, Nike, 2XU)

How Do I win?

You do not have to be the fittest person to win, nor do you have to lose the most weight. We look at your fitness tests and measurements from before and after, percentage of weight lost, as well as how committed you have been to the challenge along the way. We rank each person against each other to determine the winner. Even if you don’t win, you will be healthier and fitter.

Packages for the October Challenge are now available for purchase.
If you have an online Fitness Keeper account, click the “online store” tab, then select “packages” and you will see the 6 week summer fitness challenge appear.

How much does the package cost?
Price $299.95 for the entire 6 weeks

Statistics From Last Challenge (August 2013)


Q: I have already purchased a package but I want to do the 6 week challenge.
We can extend your initial package so that you can use the sessions after the challenge finishes. That way you don’t lose your sessions you’ve already paid for – but you can still participate in the challenge!

Q: If I am unable to make the sessions for a week, can I still participate in the challenge?
A: Yes! We know sometimes people can’t make sessions, this is why you get your home exercise programs. When you can’t make the sessions – you can do these instead. You can continue to follow the nutritional advice and recipes when you can’t come as well so you’re not really missing out :)

Q: I can only do part of the challenge, can you offer me a 3-4 week price instead?
A: Unfortunately, we only offer the 6 week challenge and not any other length of time. It’s ultimately up to you if you want to participate or not for the length of time you can attend. Even if you don’t make the sessions, you still get the home programs, recipes to follow, and everything else that comes along with the package.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you have any other questions.