6 Week Ultimate Fitness Challenge

6 Week Summer Fitness Challenge: 9 February – 22 March 2015

What’s Involved?

  • 6 weeks of unlimited classes
  • The first 5 days of lunch and dinner prepared for you (by Dietlicious)
  • Expectation that you commit to a minimum of 3 classes per week
  • Healthy recipe booklet
  • Nutrition and health guidance
  • Fitness Keeper “6 Week Challenge” t-shirt
  • Fitness Keeper drink bottle
  • Weight tracking & weigh-ins
  • Body circumference measurements
  • 12 home workouts complete with video demonstrations
  • Mini weekly challenges
  • Weekly themes and goals
  • Fitness Testing (before and after)
  • Ongoing support during the challenge

Why Enter?

  • You will be committed to 6 weeks of healthy eating and exercise
  • You will be challenged to make lifestyle changes – that are for the best
  • You will notice differences in your body composition (less fat, more lean muscle)
  • You will focus on changing habits, turning “bad habits” into healthy habits
  • Remember – if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Is there a winner or prizes?

If you participate and give it your best, then you are all winners. Committing to the challenge 100% is more about your personal journey, changing your life, changing poor habits, making better decisions, and focusing on your health. We will however, include some “spot prizes” and “recognition” prizes along the way to help keep you focused and keep you motivated throughout the course of the challenge!

If you have an online Fitness Keeper account, login, click the “online store” tab, select “packages” and select the 6 week summer fitness challenge. **Please note that the package will be released closer to the date.

How much does the challenge cost?



Q: I have already purchased a package but I want to do the 6 week challenge.

A: We can extend/suspend your initial/current package so that you can use the sessions after the challenge finishes. That way you don’t lose your sessions you’ve already paid for – but you can still participate in the challenge!

Q: If I am unable to make the sessions for a week, can I still participate in the challenge?

A: Yes! We know sometimes people can’t make sessions, this is why you get your home exercise programs. When you can’t make the sessions – you can do these instead. You can continue to follow the nutritional advice and recipes when you can’t come as well so you’re not really missing out!

Q: I can only do part of the challenge, can you offer me a 3-4 week price instead?

A: Unfortunately, we only offer the 6 week challenge and not any other length of time. It’s ultimately up to you if you want to participate or not for the length of time you can attend. Even if you don’t make the sessions, you still get the home programs, recipes to follow, and everything else that comes along with the package.

Q: I can only do 2 sessions per week, not the expected 3 minimum…is this okay?

A: We do prefer that you commit to three structured exercise sessions each week, however if you can make two minimum then we will happily have you on board for the challenge.  We would then expect you to do at least one other moderate/high intensity session during the week on your own to make up for the mixed class.

Q: How do I pay for the package?

A:  NOTE THE 6WC IS NOT YET AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. You will need to either create an online account with us, or login if you already have an account. Once you’re online, select the “Online store” tab, click the sub-tab “packages”, select the “6 week summer fitness challenge”, and click “make purchase” to finalise. Click the BOOKINGS button at the top of the page to create/access your account. **Please note that the package will be released closer to the date.


Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you have any other questions.